Shivvers Machine for Unloading

Circu-Lator and Dri-Flo

Shivvers Circu-Lator’s and Dri-Flo’s are the dry grain handling components of totally automated in-bin drying systems. They can be configured to match your needs today and can easily be expanded in the future to grow with your operation. The system works because of specially cut tapered sweep augers that take an even layer of dry grain off the bottom of the bin.

Circulator & Circulator Jr.

The Circu-Lator takes grain from the bottom of a drying bin with one or two tapered sweep augers and elevates it up a center vertical auger. Grain can flow out the top of the vertical auger and be spread back into the bin in a recirculation or batch-drying mode. One or more continuous flow augers can be added to transfer the dry grain to a storage bin, for a true continuous flow mode of operation. Grain movement capacities from 135 to 850 Bu/hr are possible depending on motor pulley size and number and type of sweep augers installed. Circu-Lator I’s have one tapered sweep auger installed. These systems usually have a 6” center vertical auger and a 6” horizontal unloader. Circu-Lator II has 2 tapered sweep augers installed, usually with an 8” center vertical auger and an 8” horizontal unloader.

Dri-Flo 500 and 1000

The Shivvers Dri-Flo comes with 2 tapered sweep augers and is available in two sizes, the DriFlo 500 and the Dri-Flo 1000. The 500 and 1000 represent the nominal capacities of the sweep augers. By utilizing different motor pulley sizes, capacities from 300 to 1200 Bu/hr can be obtained. The Dri-Flo takes grain from the bottom of the drying bin like the Circu-Lators, but then discharges the grain through a horizontal auger located under the drying floor. There is no center vertical auger used with a Dri-Flo. Dri-Flo 500 comes with a 6” horizontal unloader while the Dri-Flo 1000 comes with an 8” horizontal unloader.

Dri-Flo 1500

The Dri-Flo 1500 is designed to remove dried grain from the bottom of the drying bin and transport it, via the horizontal unloader, to a desired destination. The removal of the grain is precisely metered so as to allow an even layer to be removed, without excessive center coning, which maintains optimum drying conditions. Dri-Flo 1500 will normally remove 1500 or more bushels per hour.

Sudenga Unloading Systems

Power Sweep

Power sweep systems are shipped complete with center and intermediate sumps, reduction drive wheel, bin wall plate, and control rods. Intermediate sump holes are pre-cut in the tube. New improved sweep drive means less maintenance and hassle free operation.

Power Sweep Unloading Heads

Unloading heads include tube, flight, motor mounts, belt(s), pulley(s), belt guard, and connector shafts. 8″ models are sleeve mount. 10″ models are flange mount.

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8″ DRI-FLO 1500

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8″ DRI-FLO 500 & 1000

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Circu-Lator Parts Breakdown


Dri-Flo Parts Breakdown


Circulator and Driflo

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Horizontal Unloader Parts Manual


Slide Gate Opener for Horizontal Unload System

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Outside Vertical Unloader Assembly

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Top Drive Vertical Unloader Parts Manual

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