Take your grain drying to a higher level with a Shivvers Performance System.  No other drying method matches the performance of Shivvers in-bin continuous Counter-Flow Drying.

The Performance System is a combination of components engineered to work together to provide optimum performance for drying grain.  We are so confident of this that we are willing to certify the capacity in writing.

With a Shivvers Performance System you’ll experience:

  • Shivvers Premier® is a state-of-the-art touchscreen control system, providing true fingertip control of your entire drying process.
  • The fully automated COMPUDRY™ Command Center controlling precise drying and all grain transfer functions. You’ll never have to babysit your grain dryer.
  • Achieving the most precise moisture content. See how no grain leaves the bin before its time.
  • One of the industry’s most energy-efficient systems. No one makes better use of a BTU.
  • Higher test weights.
  • No more over-drying.
  • Capacities up to 260,000 bushels per week. Shivvers brings the benefits of advanced drying technology as well as maintaining high capacities.
  • Systems backed by over 40 years experience designing and manufacturing energy-efficient grain drying equipment for both large and small operations.

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